Vital Playing Sustained Note without midi regions in Logic

I’m using Vital on a new M1 Pro MacBook in Logic Pro - all seemed to be running fine while producing most of it but recently after dragging the playhead around a bit this issue has arisen, a few vital tracks will play a random note when my track is playing on my vital sub bass and brass preset where there is no midi region present and it is really annoying. Then also when moving about my playhead and playing everything where I have lets say a layered bass pattern with other VSTs like serum and Korg M1 (Which are fine) the vital bass is out of time with everything else (The midi region has not changed btw, it works fine upon initially loading up projects). This doesn’t happen instantly, my track will be running fine - just after moving the playhead around for a while the bass will go out of time with everything else despite the midi being just the same as it was when playing fine (Admittedly I do have quite a lot of layers) however Vital does seem to be running under rosetta alike some of my other VSTs. Any help would be appreciated please :slight_smile:


Got the same issue on Mac Mini M1 Logic Pro.