Vital only appears in AUv2 folder, not in VST or VST3 folder after updating to Ableton 11.3.4

I updated Ableton to 11.3.4 (from 11.0.1?) and a lot of my plugins disappeared. I reinstalled Vital but it is only appearing in AUv2 folder.

I checked Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plugins and the .vst is present in both VST and VST3 folders. I deleted the .vst files and reinstalled Vital again and it was re-added to the same folders. All my other plugins are in this folder and appearing in Ableton. I also restarted my macbook and no luck.

I have some old songs that are no longer working because Vital “VST2 plug-in could not be found”.

Is there any solution to this please?

Hi! I’ve got the same problem.

I upload the lastest version of Vital to add some new presets who need the last versoion.
Since that day, the Vital Plug-in disappeard from my VST2 librairy. Now it’s run in VST3 mode.
My old tracks can’t find the plug-in.

I unsinstalled the last version of Vital and re-download the old one. But now, Ableton can’t find it in the VST2 folder, only in the AUv2 folder. Ableton doesn’t find the Plug in when i open a old track.

Did you find a solution? Thx


Hey guy, i fund a solution for me.

Delete the Vital App
Delete the Vital file in AUv2, VST, VST3 folders (HD/LibrairyAudio/Plugs-Ins)
Really delete this files in the Trash
Refresh Vst in Ableton : normally Vital plugins disappeared
DL Vital 1.0.7 Version
Restart Ableton
Refresh Vst

I hope it will help U.