Vital on M1 Mac?

Has anyone tried Vital on the new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? I’m assuming it works, but could use some verification as I have a MBP shipping soon. Also wondering if a native build is in the works (if it’s not native already).

On my 2016 MBP with 2x oversampling Vital really runs really hot. Hoping for some performance/battery improvements on the new hardware.

Yep, Vital works great on the 13" MBP with M1 chip! I’ve been using standalone, as AU in Logic (which is Universal–meaning its running on M! but running, which is still Intel), and hosted in VCV Rack using VCV’s Host module.

FYI, only minor UI refresh issues on the real-time graphs (mostly the filter, but also flanger, etc.)–just can see a flickering action–but nothing distracting. Completely functional so far!

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Is the developer aware already? I’ve noticed these glitches also on MBP.
Minor issue but still a bug/glitch :wink:

Most all plugs not optimised for the m1 should work through roseta

Yeah I just bought one since I need to support it sooner or later.
Just fixed the flickering issues so that’ll come out in the next build.

Awesome. Other than the flicker it works great. Any idea when we’ll see a native ARM build?

I have native arm working on mac but there’s one library I’m dependent on that hasn’t updated yet. I’ll probably just wait until they distribute a build.

Then I need to figure out if I can still make ARM builds on my intel build machine, TBD.

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cool thx for the update!

@Tytel I hope this doesn’t come across as impatient, I have all the time in the world, but my curiousity is stronger then my brain telling met not to ask… Do you have an update as to when we can expect vital to run native on m1? Or am I missing an update and is it already running native?

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Hi, just wanna bump this thread to check whether the M1 build will be ready soon or not. I will receive an M1 MBA in a few days and I plan on using Vital on it, I guess I will stick to the VST2 version in Reaper until we get a native build :smiley:

All of the work on my side is done for this. I’m waiting on one of the libraries I use to update but if they take much longer I guess I’ll have to go in and build a new M1 version myself.


Hi, I recently bought the Pro option of Vital for my 2020 MacBook Pro M1 chip and it is working flawlessly. I’m using FL Studio 20.8 on my Mac. This is an awesome VST synth similar to Xfer Records’s Serum. It definitely works.

Thanks for buying!
Apple did a pretty good job making intel programs run on the m1 macs. Vital isn’t actually M1 native yet though runs really well with rosetta in my tests.

I have an arm native (i.e. universal) build coming soon for those on native ARM daws (is logic the only one right now?) but don’t have a release date yet.


Reaper is in Beta (ARM64)… but it`s already available on the official download page on their website.

FL Studio is now M1 native (but still in beta about to be release somewhere in Q2-Q3).

REAPER and Bitwig both have public ARM64 versions that are very stable right now, so it’s not just Logic. Version 4.0 of Bitwig will be universal and is soon to be released.

They both will run Vital as an x86 plugin, without any problems from what I can see.

plz release :cry:

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Works fine on my MacBook Air M1! Excited for a native release though, but Ableton isn’t completely compatible anyway so until then I’m stuck with the Rosetta emulator.

@Tytel were you able to build for native M1? I don’t see it specifically mentioned in the download options.

Disclaimer: I don’t own a Mac, so I can’t test it. I’m just asking for a course that I’m preparing.