Vital on Kubuntu not working with Pulse Audio

Hi guys,

hope you can help me figure this one out. Right now I cannot access my desktop and have a very old notebook only. It has a small bluetooth speaker connected and it’s running on Linux, latest Kubuntu.

I have Vital installed, but it only works when the sound device is set to ALSA default. I can switch to Pulse Audio which basically works with the BT speaker but I when I close the options window I can’t get any sound out of Vital, and when I go back to the settings there is no device (‘(none)’) selected anymore.

Vital works with ALSA but only through the built-in laptop speakers. I know that this notebook won’t be able to handle more than one OSC at a time but I wanna do at least some minor synth patching.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? I’m not entirely new to Linux but even after 20 years knowing it I can’t wrap my head around the virtually infinite manual CLI configuration one’s gotta do to get the system and the core apps running, and it still feels like a massive pain in the butt to me. So any guidance is appreciated!

Thanks in advance and a good day to y’all!

Edit: Got it solved. I dunno why but I was sure PulseAudio was installed. Turned out it wasn’t. My bad.

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