Vital not working with Acid Pro 10


Acid Pro 10 is the only DAW I noticed that Vital doesn’t work in. My Midi recognizes and receives input from my keyboard, however its not being forwarded to Vital. I have a guess as to why though.

In Acid Pro 10, you can configure your audio device to be Microsoft Sound Mapper, Direct Sound Mapper or Windows Classic Wave Driver.

In Vital you can configure the audio device to Windows Audio or Direct Sound. However, it always defaults to the windows audio and you cannot change it once its being used as a synth. I’m guessing this because the standalone vital application always defaults to Windows Audio. The options to change the audio device when using as a synth disappear.

So since the audio devices are different, the synth cannot communicate with the DAW (Acid Pro 10)?

Eitherway Vital doesn’t work with Acid Pro 10.

(When used as a VST instrument/synth)
(Standalone application)