Vital not working on Ableton

My main problem is that my Vital doesn’t work on Ableton. I searched forums for answers but nobody else seems to have this problem. I am really new to Ableton and installing plugins, but I installed Vital correctly using the installer into a folder on my D: drive. (I don’t have enough space on C: drive because it’s for my windows installation.) The main problem is, my Vital works completely fine when I open it from windows as an application, but the problem appears when I try to use it in Ableton. When I open the VST Plugin from Ableton, it brings up a big white box that is completely empty and sets the first available midi track to Vital. When this occurs I am not able to change the sound from the default Initialization sounds. If I open the separate Vital app after this, it works completely fine on its own separately. I don’t know how to fix this or to install the software properly for windows because there aren’t any guides online and I tried my best to search for them. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

I have same issue!!! Need help please

have you tried vst3 ?