Vital not working after windows installation for 1.5

After i had updated by installing 1.5 from 1.07 my vital would no longer work in fruity loops or as standalone and i didnt seem to find the file anywhere on my computer. Any help?

Where did you tell Vital to install the files to?

Define “no longer works”. More information is needed but Vital 1.5.5 works fine here in FL Studio on two different systems.

Fruity loops simply doesnt load the plugin and the status says “error” even with deleting all files from vital and completely reinstalling and scanning (yes i made sure that the plugin wasnt visible in the plugin finder) vital 1.5.5 still gives me a message that it wont load on fl studio. Im on windows and normally this isnt an issue
Side notes: windows installer wouldnt delete some old vital files when downloading it the first time. But i manually deleted those after this.
When 1.5 is found in the plugin finder it automatically gives the error status and does not know if its a synth or effect

Ok, double click on the Vital entry in the Plugin Manager and on the left side where it says “Type” manually select Synth. You can see Vital scans fine here.

Vital 012423-2
Vital 012423-1

I tried this. But still it didnt work. It just says its status is error no matter what i do.
I dont quite understand what im doing wrong and the only thing plugin finder gets right is that its name is vital. It doesnt even know who made it.

Ok then uninstall Vital. Reinstall it in a location that FL Studio is set to scan and then do a full plugin scan with “Verify Plugins” and “Rescan Plugins with errors” selected.

I’m going to take a long shot here and check if you are actually using Fruity Loops, since the last version was released in 2003.

Using FL studio

I did that. Still no luck. I made sure its completely uninstalled and everything.

Well then you’ll have to go to the Image-Line forums and ask them for support. I used to do some tech support for them but I’m out of ideas for you. Someone who is still a red name will have to help you.

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly it should work.

What version of FL Studio are you using and sorry I have to ask this but is it an official registered version?

All I can tell you is that Vital scans, loads, and works just fine on two different systems here on Windows 10 and FL Studio 21.02 [build 3387]