Vital not updating

Hi guys! So I seem to have version 1.0.0 here and although it says vital is supposed to dl and install all packs and updates automatically, there are packs in my account that dont appear in vital when using it,. Also I gather that Vital is up to 1.4 now but as I said Im showing 1.0. Finally, I have no text to wavetable preset available. Any ideas out there? I bought the In The Mix Plus version on preorder

Hi @tedd.hemmings - AFAIK, the automatic update is not working at the moment.
To download the latest version, goto, which will go to your account page and show all the versions released. You can then download the latest version.

I’m not sure what you mean by text to wavetable preset.
You should be able to run TTWT via any of the oscillators as below (right click in the OSC window):

All the best.

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Thanks for the answer. I watched a video and in ot the guy went to presets, chose “text to wavetable” preset that was listed as being from Matt Tytel and then he went into the ttwt in the osc. I dont have that preset in mine. And when i click the ttwt in the osc and press a key it just gives me the wave that was there… no words. Anyway maybe ince i update itll work