Vital not loading in fl

I have been using vital with fl studio 20.8.3, and haven’t have any problems, but i just updated fl studio to version 20.8.4, and now when i open vital in fl it says “This plugin failed to load”.
I have checked the plugin manager and it says the status is ‘ok’, so Im not sure what the problem is.
Every other plugin seems to work fine.

I hope you can help me resolve this issue,

try to do a complete rescan, not only a refresh. Use the plugin manager for this. With rescan previous verified plugins

fyi; updating fls here didn’t gave me problems whatsoever, not in the official builds, nor in the beta builds

If what exm suggested doesn’t work then try reinstalling Vital although I don’t think that should be necessary.

For the record Vital is working perfectly in 20.8.4 here as well.

I tried this, and now the plugin status is ‘error’, so at least now it is recognising something is wrong, but vital will still not load.

I don’t s’pose this will fix the current vitals i have in my projects will it?

usually when a vst isn’t loaded properly in a new project, it won’t load in a excisting project. However, i had instances where a new project wouldn’t load a vst, but an old project would do just fine…

Besides this all…there must be something wrong with your install (Fl S, or Vital, or both…) Multiple users claim perfect behavior at this point with both the latest vital and Fl S. . . .

Is there a way to fix this instead just deleting it and reinstalling vital?

You could click on Vital in the list on the right where it says error and then try changing it on the left to Synth under Type.


No, the error seems to be that it doesn’t know the format or the bits, or at least those categories are blank.

do you have both the vst2 and vst3 versions installed?
If so, try to manually remove one of them, do a rescan (inclu. previous verified plugins)
and if that won’t work, try the other (with the same complete scan)

Yess i fixed it. all i needed to do was turn this on: 57%20PM and everything works perfectly now.

ah…mac osx

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Yes it’s a really good idea to mention you’re using a Mac. Those of us on Windows are less likely to be able to help you. I wouldn’t even have thought of Rosetta.

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Right thanks, i’ll specify next time.

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