Vital not downloading packs

macOS 10.13 Vital 1.05 Standalone. I run it and leave it for 10 mins. Quit and re-open and I do not see the new banks that are shown in my web account. I’ve also tried loging out of my account in Vital and logging back in. How do I get them to automatically download? Thanks!

Mine went and listed all the things it was going to download, but when I checked, I couldn’t see the packs.

Turns out it combined the Level8 packs (from Plus and Pro) into one directory. Did the same for the others. At least I believe so, since some presets are from Nov 21 while all the ones I had previously liked were from Nov 13. I began with the Plus version and only today upgraded to Pro.

Wavetables presets did download as well as far as I can tell. And the Kyurumi packs are listed under the directory “Unsystematic Fragmentation”. But they are there.

Perhaps that is the case for you as well?

If you delete the json files in ~/Music/Vital and restart Vital does it download?

That’s possible. I am not seeing a correlatoin between what is showing in my account as new packs and what is Vital’s browser. For example,as you mentioned, it shows two YuliYolo downloads but one one Yuli Yolo folder in Vital with 10 patches. is that right? It would help if there was a one-to-oen correlation.

If you click twice on the YY Sound set (also by yuli yolo) then it should some folders within it.

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Thank for your help on this. FYI I started with the Pro version off the bat, which is what I am running. I removed the json files (except key) and restarted Vital standalone. It did then download 24 pack and whatever else it needed. on starting it back up I see essentially what I saw before. I didnt realize you could click on the browser folders to open up. Now that I did I see a folder Yuri Yolo/Factory Presets. If I select Factory Presets or its parent Yuri Yolo I see the same 10 patches listed on the left - is this the expected behaviour? If so, I guess its working. If not, what else can I try? Thanks!

I think I have two top level folders for Yuli yolo the other is “YY Sound Set” which might be the confusion?

Yes. That’s confusing. There should be consistency for ease of use, ideally. I think I have everything although its hard to tell with such inconsistent nomenclature. Thanks!