Vital not appearing Logic X, crashes as standalone

So just downloaded and did the install but for some reason Vital is not appearing under the AU Instruments in Logic X? Anyone had this and know how to fix? Also attempted to open as a standalone outside of the DAW but crashes upon trying to sign in?

What version of MacOS are you using? Also, did you try reinstalling it?
If it’s not showing up, either Vital failed Logic’s validation (weird, but you can manually make Logic use it in that case) or something went wrong in the installation.
I’m using Catalina and Logic Pro X 10.6 and it’s working fine for me.

working fine here:
vtal 1.0.3, logic 10.5.1 osx mojave

The plugin is in Logic under “Matt Tytel” - I was looking for “Vital” and couldn’t find it. Perhaps that is your issue?

working here (LP 10.6, os11)… have you rebooted?

Oh god I’ve just realised my system is WAY too old to run it I’ve been trying on El Capitan 10.11.5 looool. Thanks for the help gonna have to work something out hahaha