Vital Nitpicking. what are yours?

Not a fan of the distortion effect. The effects range from average to good but the the distortion effect is sub par . May be just me?

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it’s really gritty but that’s a plus :wink:. I believe having tube distortion would be an amazing option

I wish the effect bypass buttons on the fx themselves would not remove the effect from the FX rack when switching to the MAIN tab, I do a lot of tutorials and such and when I bypass the effects using the button on the effect itself, then switch to the MAIN tab to explain some stuff, then back to the FX tab the effects will be gone from the FX rack, I have to then enable them again in the list of effects to bring them back. Not that big of a deal, but the first time I recorded a Vital tutorial I came back to the FX tab and had to remember which effects I had used :sweat_smile:

It would be great if the on/off button on the list on the left would act as an on/off switch and the button on the effect itself as a bypass switch, so it just bypasses the effect without removing it from the fx rack.


Only real nitpick; no clean filters. They all distord a bit


I personally think the sample tab could use some more features, but I really can’t really complain due to all the other great features.


If you’re looking for the button that bypasses the FX module without removing it, it’s this one.

Hope that helps.


I wouldn’t say I’m nitpicking, but I would really like to see the FX be able to have multiple instances of a single effect, like just dragging the filter or reverb to the active FX section so you could have multiple compressors or filters etc.

my only real problem is how often the synth redlines itself, even some of the stock presets redline.

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Have you tried lowering osc output before sending it to the filter? That is how old moogs work: Filter starts to distort if osc volume is above 50%.

I think the filters are a bit “muddy”. Not maybe distorted but “muffled” is that is even a word. Definetly not clean. It would be nice to have clean filters too.

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Ofcourse :smiley:

With distortion i mean extra harmonics being introduced. When you feed the filters a SINE, you can see, also at low gain settings, extra harmonics at higher freq’s.

Not a big issue, but a nitpick for sure. I wish Vital had a clean, non-distorting, filter to choose from.

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I just tried this:
With Sine wave, if master is 0 and i raise the OSC volume so that the sine peaks at around -30dB in SPAN i get harmonics. But if i crank the output to full and the raise the osc so it hit’s the same -30dB in SPAN there is no added harmonics. So the OSC output does seem to drive the filter.

That is unwanted effect as there is pre-filter drive knob.

EDIT: Yeah, you meant at high frequencies and i was just testing with low frequencies.


well, it is not unwanted per se. I mean, this is just how this synth sounds. I just wish Matt will add a ‘clean’ filter as well to choose from :slight_smile:

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Kind of yes, but if the drirve knob does the same anyway, then why overdrive the filter in the first place? In Moogs you don’t have drive knob so you adjust it with osc mixer. And in Moogs it’s technical flaw/mistake that just happened to sound good :smiley:

IMO overdiven filter is not a really unique ‘sound’ for a synth. Maybe it’s to differ from Serum that has ultra clean ‘sound’.

Well. I can agree. It is just what a synthmaker wants i guess.

To me, indeed, there is a drive knob, so i would like ZERO drive when the knob is dialed down completely.