Vital MPE and Sensel Morph

I’m trying to use a Sensel Morph with Vital in MPE mode. Curiously enough, if i activate MPE in Vital, there doesn’t seem to be any reaction to pressure or glide on my Morph. While if i disable it, all seem to work.

Can anyone explain what goes on between MPE disabled/enabled mode in Vital, and does anyone successfully using VItal with a Morph has an idea of what i am doing wrong here?

Thank you in advance!

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I haven’t used a morph myself. The main difference between the MPE enabled/disabled is only pitch bend so pressure/slide should work the same on either mode so it’s strange that it doesn’t for you.

Are you in standalone or within a DAW?


Also a bit weird: in both MPE enabled/disabled modes, i mapped one slider on the morph to the modwheel. I can see the wheel in vital moving correctly when i touch the Morph, but it has no effect on the sound. When i use the wheel on my keyboard, Vital responds as espected by moving the wheel and modifying the sound accordingly.

Is this expected?

i had a similar problem. suddenly pitchbend wheel acted like you described.
but it worked before. and after very much confusion and trying a lot of stuff. (last thing was running vital with diffrent os from usb stick. still didn´t work)

but there has to be a problem somwhere, then i noticed i had accidently switched on keyboard zones. after turning this off it worked correctly.

so it is probably solvable with changing morph settings.

What do you mean with “keyboard zones”? I looked everywhere in the SenselApp but could not find such setting. Could you please help?

sorry didn´t tell i have just a usual midi keybord.

but i tought this info could help to find the problem.
maybe you can find settings that work.

Mw is on channel 1. I think, Mw and Pitch bend, normal pitch bend wheel not Glide, are on channel 1 in the mpe protocol. It’s why, a lot of synth use Mw and cc74 to the same destination. Mw: channel 1, cc74: channel 2 to 16.
If you are in mpe mode, mw just works for notes on channel 1. Like Matt said, mpe in Vital just affect the Glide. Press and slide are on any channels.

Hi @Yuli.Yolo, thx for your reply, i’am a big fan of your sounds!! Actually among the best ones to experiment with MPE and cntrollers! Thx for your work!

Regarding my issue, things are getting clearer thx to Matt’s and your reply. But i do still have questions:

  • is it normal, though, that if i assign one od the sliders on the Morph to the modwheel in Vital through Midi Learn, using that slider does not affect the sound the way the MW is supposed to do? And why to i see the MW moving then, but only the sound is not affected. Is this expected?
  • When i move from preset to preset, sometime the “slide” signal is not detected sometimes it is. Even going back to presets where it did work, might result in a non-detected slide signal, so it’s not specific preset dependent. Isn’t it supposed to always work?

Thanks again

Following up as well with Sensel’s support, they seem to confirm the issue of the mapping of the modwheel in this post here:

Any idea on what the issue might be?

Might be that I’m listening to per channel mod wheel and mod wheel in some controllers are only sent on one channel. Will need to take a look.


Hey Matt. Mark from Sensel here. Came here after @berttroep posted in our forum and in Venus Theory/Cameron’s Discord. Following along :eyes:

Also, if you’re interested, I’d be happy to send you a Morph to experiment.

Very glad to see two great products shacking hands with each other, and proud to have contributed :wink:

@mark thanks for your team’s fast reaction to my posts. It would be cool to have as well some more dedicated material on the Morph+Vital (set-up tutorials, usage tutorials, sound design / performance tutorials, maybe even some clever mappings specific for Vital of the Music Production or Piano overlay specific for Vital.
A first video can be found here:

@Tytel thank you again for this wonderful synth! Hope you will enjoy the Morph!


Hey Mark, yeah I’d love a Morph to play around with! I think I saw Peter demo it a couple years ago and it seemed pretty versatile.

The only MPE controller I have at the moment is a ROLI block but that doesn’t have a mod wheel built in so probably why I have an issue with MPE + mod wheel.

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I’m getting proper MPE responses Sensel Morph to Vital Standalone but not inside a DAW .
Now I’m used to Studio One not responding to MPE because they haven’t sorted it properly BUT I can’t get MPE out of Vital in Ableton either.
I can get MPE to work with Ableton using Pigments and Voltage Modular.
And Yes I’ve tried both VST2 and VST3 versions of the plugin. :wink:

Hei Mark, still no follow up to your video n YouTube! Read in a comment there that you were plannign to post more Morph/Vital dedicated content. It would be very appreciated, thx!

@berttroep Thanks for the push. :blush: Will put some more Vital videos in the queue. In the meantime, we got a Morph out to @Tytel, so hopefully Matt can help troubleshoot the issues raised in this thread.

Yeah I’ve been playing with it, it’s a lot of fun!
Should have some changes in the next version to improve things.


Very nice! Very much looking forward. Thanks Matt

@berttroep My colleague Peter just posted a deep dive into creating MPE presets in Vital. Thought it might be useful to you and some other folks here.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!