Vital makes Reaper crash

When i open Vital in Reaper, if my Komplete Kontrol A25 Midi controller is connected, Reaper just freezes and won’t respond anymore.
Windos 10, Vital 1.0.5

Can you try updating to 1.0.7 and see if that’s still a problem?

Vital started to Crash Ableton Live after latest update. Works fine on PC but in Catalina it makes Ableton to freeze.

All the tracks with Vital play nornally, but If i Open the GUI Ableton freezes.

Does the standalone open?

Didn’t even know there was standalone version…but yes it works fine.
If i open fresh ableton project and add Vital it works. But tracks that i have already started with previous version of Vital seems to crash Ableton. But ableton 10 is not the most stable DAW anyways.

Would also be curious if the standalone works for you

If you could share the Reaper project with me that might help me track this issue down.

Just updated to 1.0.7 and everything is working just fine. Thanks for such amazing synth by the way!

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Issue with 1.7 and Reaper. When I load the plug, the UI remains blank.

On linux?

Windows 10.

Two monitors?

No. Only one screen. 4K

Thanks for the info, couple more questions though.

Does the standalone Vital app work?
Do you have any midi controllers plugged in?

Yes. There is a white screen 1 second then the UI.
I have a master keyboard connected with USB.