Vital login each time on start up

Hello !
I was wondering if anyone can help me with this.
For some reason, I have to log into my Vital every time I open it freshly. It did not do this before updating it.

What system are you on? There’s a couple threads about this issue, usually having to do with your computer remembering passwords/keys.

Some people said a reinstall solved the issue
Some people just click anywhere to bypass the log in (synth still functions)
Some people ran a quick CCleaner on their network passwords (or something like that)
Could be maybe the recent beta? Or if you’re not on it, feel free to try the newest beta release 1.5.1 (I think)

Hope this helps


I am on Mac OS High Sierra .

Everything looks updated, but I will give those things a try and see what happens. It really isnt a super critical deal. Just a little annoying.

Thanks so much,

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