Vital killed my FL Studio projects

MacOS Big Sur Version 10.16 (Build 20F71)
Access violation

000000012FE27000:00000001301D0815: Vital
000000012FE27000:00000001301D0B38: Vital
000000012FE27000:00000001301D0B38: Vital
000000012FE27000:000000013013BBBB: Vital
000000012FE27000:000000012FF15B2C: Vital
000000012FE27000:000000012FF179D4: Vital
000000012FE27000:000000012FF14DAB: Vital
000000012E80F000:000000012E893305: GFruity Wrapper_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010C9F9531: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010C7FEF85: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010C7F7D25: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010C790EFE: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010C791154: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010C792063: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010C7700CA: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010C797974: FLEngine_x64.dylib
000000010C5D3000:000000010DD0BB1D: FLEngine_x64.dylib

I had using Vital lately. I tried to make something electronic music. But suddently, It crashes when opening the synthesizer or saving the project.

If you haven’t done so already you should report this to Image-Line as well. They have a dedicated sub-forum for Mac OS support:

Did you install the FL Studio update that was just released this week? Do you have an M1 Mac?

I’ve updated already but it doesn’t work. I don’t have M1. My mac has intel-based processing.

My point is that reporting these issues at the Image-Line forums as well can only help find a solution for you.

I’ve seen a lot of reports by Vital and FL Studio users here but not one report at the IL forums. If they are aware of the problems they may be able to suggest solutions.