Vital keeps resetting to an INIT preset everytime I reopen my project

Recently when I have been going into a project I am working on, all of my vital presets are reset to INITs but my Serum presets still work. Definitely frustrating to have to read presets everytime I open a project. Have an M2 Macbook Pro

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Hey, I think it’s a known bug that the patch name resets to init, just to clarify the whole patch is missing and is back to a saw wave, etc?

Yes, everything is resetting to a saw wave

You say “recently”… was there a time it was recalling properly ? If yes… what changed ?

This happened to me today. I’ve got a project with several instances of Vital and now all the sounds are INIT. All my edits and presets are gone and I can’t remember what they are. It’s tragic

Same thing happened to me. Some of my edits are good but most reset to INIT. Is there any fix yet?

Don’t hold your breath

the state of the plugin should be saved in the project file itself. what’s the DAW? might be worth asking at the forum of whoever makes the DAW because if it’s a vital problem, then others who use the same DAW would have had it.

There might be another thread about this maybe it’s Mac or m1/2 related?
I’ve never had this issue luckily, across multiple windows versions, ableton version, and vital version

The name does reset to init sometimes but that’s all