Vital keeps resetting to an INIT preset everytime I reopen my project

Recently when I have been going into a project I am working on, all of my vital presets are reset to INITs but my Serum presets still work. Definitely frustrating to have to read presets everytime I open a project. Have an M2 Macbook Pro

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Hey, I think it’s a known bug that the patch name resets to init, just to clarify the whole patch is missing and is back to a saw wave, etc?

Yes, everything is resetting to a saw wave

You say “recently”… was there a time it was recalling properly ? If yes… what changed ?

This happened to me today. I’ve got a project with several instances of Vital and now all the sounds are INIT. All my edits and presets are gone and I can’t remember what they are. It’s tragic