Vital keeps crashing my DAW [FL Studio 20]

I don’t know why, but sometimes FL studio will just crash on me while I’m working. It’s really annoying, and I usually have to either resort to backup files or just hope I saved within the last hour. It has only happened in projects where I have at least one instance of Vital, and I’ve never seen it happen prior. I don’t think I’m doing anything in Vital that’s crashing FL, because if I saved my project, I can continue where I left off and do the exact same thing and nothing will happen.

Also, I don’t know if its because of some kind of verification or anti-piracy measure, but FL projects using Vital will refuse to open if I don’t have access to internet (My internet sometimes dips out) and that can also cause crashes. I’m sure this is just something with it being unable to check the license, but I’m using the free version.

What version are you on? In the latest version (1.0.5) if you logout there’s a “Work Offline” option.
If you click that does the crashing stop?