Vital just stopped working but was fine less than a week ago

I have had vital installed for over a year and never had an issue with it. I was making some cool patches a couple weeks ago and then loaded the projects up last week and vital would not load. Nothing has changed on my system, it is an old machine running windows7 but I have updates turned off and had not made any system updates in the time this happened. 2 other vsts also don’t work but every other vst I have installed work as usual. The other 2 vsts that stopped working at the same time were glitch machines Hysterisis and Fracture. If I try to add Vital to a midi track in Ableton it crashes Ableton, If I try to open an old project in Ableton it crashes Ableton. If I try to add Vital as a new Track in LMMS nothing happens and it returns me to the Vestige panel to add a vst, if I load an old project containing Vital I get an error pop up that it could not load vital. My pathing etc has not changed. I thought it might have been a version issue or something so I have updated vital to the latest test version (it was using the most recent stable version) I have also updated both of my DAWs to the latest version and it made no difference, the errors and crashing happen the same as the old versions. Anyone have any ideas on what may have caused this?

Were you using 1.0.8 or 1.5.5 ?

Does the stand alone work ?

I sort of solved this since I posted this earlier.

I was using 1.0.8. I tried to install 1.5.5 and it still didn’t work. I uninstalled completly and reinstalled 1.0.8
A reddit /r/vitalsynth user suggested a boot scan of my system to I had to uninstall Avast Antivius to enable Windows Defender to work. When I uninstalled Avast all 3 vsts including Vital started to work again so I guess Avast was blocking them.

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Glad you got it working again, most of the third party virus scanners give you more trouble than they should.