Vital just making beeps

when i drop vital on a track . it removes the sound i had and just replaces it with beebs . the beeps i can play with but my sound (bass line, clap , kick etc) is gone .

just a new beep noise.

i am sure it is simple answer

ok i have dragd and dropped on some sounds and it works but not others.?

We’re going to need much more information. What DAW is this? OS? Plugin format? Vital version?

version 1.0.7

Grab a Vital 1.5 version and see if that works

I UNinstatlled and installed the 1.5

i drop a dound in a midi track ,any sound and when i drop vital on that track it just erases the sound i picked. and rplaces it with just a reg beep noise that i can mess with but it doesnt resemble the sound i picked.

maybe not a beep but just a reg sin wave sound

that is expected. vital is a synth, so it surely replaces any sound you had choosen before (i suspect from another plugin or a general midi device?)

drop vital onto a midi track in ableton and choose a sound within vital, that is what it is supposed to do, convert midi information (which contains no sound, but only pitch, duration, velocity etc.) into sound.

it finally all clicked for me and your msg helped thankyou

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