Vital jumped on the CLAP train... just wow!

Check out:

Surge XT 1.1 already supports CLAP. In combination with Bitwigs per-voice-modulation that is a hilarious combo. It’s save to say that a CLAP Vital would be sick next level!


Love your enthusiasm, but how about THIS:


(less than 1ms latency)

Imagine when Vital devs get their hands on the soon to be released SDK and actually make it GPU powered.

That will then deserve a CLAP

Soon DAWs will also be GPU powered.

Will Bitwig or Live will do it first…?

Why are people getting excited about CLAP?

  • it’s about CPU optimization!

There is a ‘soon to be released’ GPU AUDIO SDK that makes use of everyone’s pre-existing GPU card (no need to buy anything!).

How long till Vital (and Bitwig) gets on board THAT ?

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