Vital issue GUI Linux

Hi everyone!

I am a new linux user running pop!_os. Ive just installed vital debian version on bitwig and ran into a weird issue. When i load the plugin and i dont click anything i can play the synth using my pc keyboard as with all synths. But the moment i click inside of the vital screen to change a parameter the keyboard doesnt work anymore and i dont have input. When i then click on the top of the vital window to select it i can play it again. But the moment u give 1 mouse click inside the window the keyboard is disabled again.

Any help or people who had the same issue?


Hey gillesvercant

I’m running a Waveform 11+Vital+Ubuntu 20.04 LTS stack on both my systems and have not run into this problem with either. When you run Vital as a standalone application, do you encounter this same glitch? Lets not rule out the possibility that this has to do with your DAW and not Vital.


Just tested this in standalone mode and here it does not occure. i can play midi notes with my pc keyboard and i can keep tweaking with the mouse.

Do you have other plugins which behave like vital does in bitwig?