Vital isn't downloading the presets it should come with, how to do a clean uninstall?

System : Windows 10

I got the Plus version a few days ago which is supposed to have quite a bit of presets (+the In the Mix ones).
When I launched the standalone version, the download of what I think are the presets just got stuck at 2/11, but the Install button wasn’t greyed out anymore so I clicked on it. Seeing that I didn’t have a lot of presets and couldn’t force the download again (the Check for Update button does nothing, same for logging out and in), I just uninstalled it using the executable.

I reinstalled it and now it’s even worse because it didn’t download anything at the start and all I have is 4 Factory presets and 24 Nativ Retlav presets in total. But it still had my account informations in so I suppose there’s something wrong with my local files. How do I do a clean uninstall?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, try deleting the Vital folder in your documents
Or just delete the pack.json file to retrigger the download, I did it too, it worked (well it didn’t solved my problem because it isn’t related to preset download but my account)

PS: save your presets before !

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I’m in the same situation. Bought Pro. But sure don’t have 400+ presets. I deleted the Vital Folder in Documents, but when I restarted Vital it only loaded the factory presets

I re-downloaded from my account. I noticed the download page title was “Vital”. Would it say “Vital Pro”,
if that is what I purchased?

Thank you so much for your response !
It wasn’t exactly in my Document folder but it lead me on the right way.

I went to C:: \ User \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ vital
then deleted Vital.config.
I relaunched Vital and I got all of my presets.
Thanks again.

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I think we all download the same basic Vital installation file from the website, the only mention of Pro should be in your account summary.

Oh and I don’t know how to mark the topic as resolved (if that’s a thing).

Any luck in getting all the presets? I’m also having similar issue. There are only a handful of presets. Im on OSX btw.
Thank You

How many presets do you have in total? approximately.

Didn’t count them one by one but I think there’s at least 300 of them.

I think I found the problem, and the problem is ME! I use PayPal for all online purchases. Just checked my account, and no payment made.

Now that I’ve actually given Matt money, I went to my account page, It now says Vital- Pro instead of just vital

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