Vital is So laggy suddenly

It seems like it used to work better… maybe I just haven’t used it that much. It lags even just trying to move the interface off the screen with playback running… I often have to wait like 15 seconds to be able to pause playback with the GUI open. the timeline just runs away. Moving parameters while playback is running lags like crazy. What is the deal? This thing is not an alternative to Serum with issues like these, it’s basically junk if there isn’t a fix.

Have you changed your graphics card, or installed a significant driver update?

How are you running Vital? I experience lag when I run Vital as a CLAP plugin under Carla, but no lag when I run Vital standalone.

Yeah this sounds like maybe a system issue?
Vital version?
Also what daw and all that?
Computer specs?

lol okay, I would definitely try the vst3 version. it’ll be lighter on your cpu, especially when you have more than a couple instances running.

But if you don’t have any interest in figuring out the problem, just uninstall and use something else, it’s fine it’s just a synth and your DAW will have totally fine stock plug ins