Vital is so laggy it's unusable

Vital lags so much it’s worthless -VST2 or VST3… even at the lowest oversampling EVERYTHING lags… there is extreme lag even trying to move the plugin around on the screen. I’d try to reinstall but I already have vital in many projects I’m working on… it wasn’t like this before, what happened? It’s completely broken


And what does this mean?

When you run 1.0.7 it uses Open GL and when you run 1.5.5 it uses something else depending if you’re on a PC or a Mac, so if 1.0.7 ran smooth go back to that one, (only problem is you can not load presets made with a higher version). If you started on 1.5.5. and it never ran smooth, your Graphics card is not able to run Vital smoothly.

No matter what this performance is 100% the fault of Vital and is unacceptable no matter what.
Nothing else on my computer lags this much… no other plugin, no other anything… I use my computer for video editing as well, no plugin/program for video lags like this. It’s Vital… this is a problem with the VST… right now I’m trying to figure out which version I have installed and the vst is COMPLEXITY frozen to the point where I can’t even see which version I have installed. The plugin is essentially broken.

So it used to work ? what changed if you didn’t change Vital ?

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Do you run Vital standalone or from a DAW? Did you change the DAW or update the DAW?

On my computer, Vital is very laggy when run from Carla, and not laggy at all when run standalone.

I have zero idea what Carla is, but I’m using Vital in Ableton. I’m noticing zero people know what to do to make this thing work correctly. the admins would rather block my posts than attempt to offer solutions. Who is actually designing this VST?

Is there a fix for the “higher version” presets problem? I downgraded just recently to v1.0.8 after v1.5.5 caused a shitload of problems on my system. And right now i am fucked sideways by this circumstance!

Yes and no, are these presets you made yourself, then you could try opening them in f.i. notepad+ and change the last line where it says


to f.i. version 1.0.5. and save them.

Make a backup of your presets first in case you F-up. It’s a lot of work when you have a lot of presets.
If these are presets from the net see if you can find older ones.