Vital is permenantly zoomed in

Vital is super zoomed in and therefor i unusable. It,s not the normal zoom that i can change myself

Try this:
Close your DAW.
Open the Vital standalone app.
Click on the vital logo (top left)
Change the zoom settings
Close the Vital standalone app.

Thank you for the reply. But it sadly didnt work.

Ok. Shame.
Are you using multiple monitors? There has been several posts about issues with Vital on a 2nd monitor.

Perhaps post a bit more detail and others might be able to help:
Windows version, DAW version, Vital version, VST type (2 o 3), Graphics card, drivers, etc. etc.


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You could try to check your UI scaling settings in Windows - go to Settings > System > Display then look for scale and layout, it should be set to 100%

Let me know if it fixes your issue

Thank u for the reply, but it didn’t fix the problem.

if you unselect auto scale plugin window in ableton and delete and recreate vital it should work i think

Or you can wait for the next release that will fix this.

Almost a year past since the last reply. The issue is still there, looks like nobody care. I found this synth a few days ago and I was surprized that this synth doesn’t have zoom settings. Nonsense. The synth is unusable.

There are zoom settings in Vital.

This particular issue happens with a lot of plugins in Ableton with their auto settings. I was talking to the ableton devs and they know about the issue and have a fix for it in some future release.

I also managed to work around this issue in 1.5.1 of Vital which should be coming out to all users soon (it’s currently just pro and subscribers)