Vital is out of tune

Perhaps this needs to be in the bugs section, as there is clearly something very wrong with my Vital installation. I’ve got the complete package, but since the tuning is wrong I won’t use the synth.

For instance, when I want to play a G, I have to play an A… I have no idea what have caused this, and probably it has been like this from the start, but I am not sure. It’s the only plugin that has this issue, so it is Vital, nothing else.

Do I need a tuning file to correct this? All settings seem to be ok. Highly annoying and frustrating.

Please help me out!

this seems to be something strange, is it out of tune when you load a new preset from the preset menu as well? check if you have accidentally assigned a midi control to the detune or semitone section of the oscillators, there is also a section in the advanced tab that can be used to detune the whole synth, maybe there is something set, or again a midi assignment has been made to that control. finally even the pitchwheel can have a midi assignemt, so check that as well.

if all of this does not help, let us know if you run vital standalone or in which host, which OS etc. also which version nr. of vital?

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hi, did you check the TUNE is set to 0.000c and the TUNNING is set to Default in the Advanced section ?