Vital is not saving settings when I collaborate

My bandmate and I are working on a song in Ableton using Vital and when he shares the project we have been working on with me and I open the file on my laptop the Vital settings are all different from how they’ve been saved. I updated my version but it still does the same thing every time. Why aren’t the Vital settings saving each time when we save from his hard drive to mine?

Normally the settings are saved with the Ableton project file , when you reload your project all is fine isn’t it ?

Could it be that you are using different versions of Vital, I mean one of you is using CLAP and the other is using VST3 ?

I don’t know what CLAP and VST3 are (I’ll have to look that up), but I believe we are using the same version, as we both recently updated on our computers. When we are mixing on his laptop he saves the project to my external hard drive, but when I open the saved project on my laptop the Vital settings are not saved, though everything else is the same. Does he need to save the preset in Vital and in Ableton?

As I said normally it should be saved inside the project. So you don’t have to save them in Vital.

Ok, thanks. Not to be dense, but how would I know whether our versions of Vital are CLAP or VST3? And do you choose that when you install it?

Yes, you normally get an option to choose what version to install at the beginning of the install procedure.
They all have different extensions, and are installed at different places a vst2(.dll) a vst3(.vst3) and clap(.clap). Search your hard disk for vital.* and see where they are and which ones you have installed.

I would try saving the preset and sharing that as well


+1 to what LarryHotbottoms said, if you have a kick ass patch, you should save it in the event the Vital data in the project gets messed up even in the smallest way. I’ve had the same problem before. Could be Vital’s fault, could be the DAW’s fault when it happens. but since you can never be sure, save the preset.

Thank you for all the replies!

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