Vital is not making sounds

I downloaded some vital presets and whenever I play a chord progression or some notes, it makes a glitchy sound then goes mute. Is there any way to fix it? (I turned vital to 100% and over sampling to Default) Thanks in advance!

Vital version? OS? DAW? Plugin Format?

Version is 1.0.8, OS is Windows, my DAW is Cakewalk and my plugin format is VST3

Is this happening with all the presets, or just some?

It’s happening with some of the presets.

is there just no level making it to vital’s meter or does the meter turn red?

It turns red, I turned it down and it’s still making the same problems

Have you reviewed your DAW’s ASIO settings?
buffer size etc.

Send over some examples

ok, that’s useful info. you said you turn the volume to 100% do you mean all the way to the maximum level? i’d not do that. just doubleclick the volume so it defaults. i think you are peaking the volume and your DAW is auto-muting the channel. that’s why some patches are doing it and not others, because some patches are louder than others. can you put a limiter plugin after vital and see if that helps?

Where do I find those settings?

I turned the volume down and it’s still making the same problems. When I play a note in Vital, it makes a weird sound when moving from on chord to another

Is this screenshot good?

Not really, can you upload the presets?
You might need to upload it to a filesharing service since you’re a new user

Cakewalk preferences settings.
The audio IF driver is ASIO, right?
Is there an ASIO Panel button in Driver Settings?

would you mind trying vital version 1.5.3 and see if the problem persists?

How do I switch versions?

This is what I have

The ones I installed aren’t the only ones having a problem, some of the presets that come with vital bug out too (Piano from the yard sale - Inktome and most of the presets in the Keys folder)

Does this happen with other plugins?