Vital is having several pitch bugs

Is there some new version i need to use maybe? I’ve never had a problem before but i opened up a project ive been working on with several instances of vital running and they’re all broken. one of them plays the wrong pitches compared to my midi clip, but adjusting the midi data doesnt change what pitches i hear. Another one is just quickly stuttering between several pitches, completely independent from the midi data. One is bending into every note even with no pitch bend automation. I don’t know what the problem is but if anyone else has had similar problems I’d be curious to know. Thank you!

Nope. Never heard of this. Does this happen even if you change the presets? Is it only about one project or is this affecting others too? What DAW you’re using and which version and on which platform?

Sorry for a lot of questions, but this info might come handy further down the road. If it’s only this one project, then it might be that your project file has gotten corrupted. If you have a backup you could try if that has the same issue.

The newest version is 1.5.5.

It doesnt seem to matter what preset I use and it affects every project. I have learned one thing though, from messing around- it seems to be related to the pitch wheel. I’m unable to move or automate the pitch wheel on any instance of vital and when I click reset to default in ableton it does nothing. I have no idea what’s wrong or how to fix it but it’s definitely the pitch wheel somehow.

I’ll try reintsalling vital, I thought I had the current version but maybe not.

I’m on ableton for Mac OS btw

Maybe a far fetched idea, but could it be Live sending that data to Vital due to some glitch? If you make a new track does it happen there too? What about Reaper or another daw? Any controllers that could be malfunctioning and sending midi data to Vital instances?

I know, more questions, but that’s how we get to the bottom of it. Ofc if a reinstall fixes that, then Vital had went bonkers, which I guess would be an unfortunate and rare, thus unlucky, incident.

Edit: one thing you could try if you still have this problem is to monitor midi in the track before Vital and see what goes in.

is there a midi keyboard attached ?

sometimes they can get corrupted somehow and begin to send pitchbend data (or other) for no obvious reason

use midi monitor to see if there is some midi data comming in from somewhere

first, save that project as a copy, for later forensics. (i think the bad data is saved as plain text in the project file, more on that later)

i’ve run into a problem like this before. what i think happens is that the specific instance of vital gets recalled by the daw with some plugin state code, and that code is causing that particular instance to act badly. perhaps with strange pitch offsets etc. what needs to happen unfortunately is you have to try saving your preset (don’t overwrite, but create a new preset), and try to open that preset with a new instance of vital on that track, and see if it sounds right. if the problem still happens when you recall that preset in a fresh instance of vital, the bug is captured in the preset, and you should share it with Matt. but ultimately you have to delete (destroy) the particular instance of vital that is misbehaving, because anything you load in it will sound wrong. I haven’t found a way to fix it other than to delete the broken vital instance and start a new instance. it never happened to me until maybe a few months back. hasn’t happened in a long time though. but before you go ahead and fix everything, refer to my very first tip, save the bad project as a copy. It happened to me in Reaper but I didn’t save the project otherwise I’d have some more to offer, which means you have a good chance to help now if you haven’t trashed the project file yet.

I don’t currently have another daw to try, but yes it happens on all new tracks and projects. i’ve been able to make my tracks still work by turning the pitch bend range to 0 but that’s not ideal. I’ve monitored the midi in and that definitely isnt the problem. I’m going to reinstall tonight and see if that helps.

Thanks for your quick repleis though! super helpful :slight_smile:

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If you wanna try with another DAW, Reaper has a free practically unlimited trial period, as you probably know. Maybe worth a shot if reinstall doesn’t do it to narrow down the root of the problem.

It’s a strange problem indeed. Have you possibly updated Live before this started to happen? I’ve seen projects acting really weird when opening them in another installation of Live.

on the mac there is also hostingAU

not a daw per se but a AU plugin host
fast and quick for testing, trying out audiounits