Vital is crashing with my daw when i try to load an external presets (cubase)

i’m curently using cubase as my daw, and i installed vital as a plugin, its working great with the factory presets, but when i try to load an external preset vital just crashing and take my daw with it, i tried different versions of vital, i tried to save a user preset and then manually go to the folder and copy the external presets i downloaded from to the folder, but i really don’t know the reason, it just keep crashing, any help, or fixing the bug would be greatly appreciated, thank you <3 :slight_smile:

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Try opening them in standalone version. If it tells your they were made with a newer version of Vital, you’ll need to update your Vital to use them. You might consider logging out of Vital and working offline, that seems to fix most crashing issues. If none of that works, upload the presets here and I’ll take a look at them.

thanks for the quick reply mate,
as a standalone version its working great,
even with the external presets, but not as a vst.
once i open it in, vital its crashing along with my daw.
and then i can’t use the standalone version
(its opening but no sound or responsiveness from midi)
as a reminder the factory presets is working great even as a vst,
but not when i add other bank or external presets,
and keep on mind im using the 1.5.5 version (early access),
the regular version works great, although some of the sounds needs the newer version
unfortunately i can not attach here the elevant files,
such as the bank or the folder containing the external presets from,
because i’m considered a new user,
but i will attach here a link to my google drive with the relevant files

link to the relevant files, with permission to edit and everything…

So the problem happens where: when you import the .vitalbank or select a preset?
Also, is there specific presets this happens with? I’d rather not test the entire library.
One other thing you can try is to log out of Vital and work offline

the problem happens when I select a preset, and the problem seems to be caused by importing a vitalbank, so every preset I open makes it crash after a few seconds, even the factory ones :frowning:

I think it’s more relatable to the bug that said vital 1.5x is crashing daws, not specific presets or banks, it works great as a standalone but not as a vst plugin

I’ve had great stability with 1.5.3 for a long time now, consider a downgrade? I don’t think it removes any features, but you may want to try it to see if it resolves your issues.

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Alright I’ll downgrade, appreciate the support man you are doing a great job, :slight_smile:

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