Vital is crashing FL studio in the same way across 2 different systems

All my FL project files that include Vital are extremely unstable and randomly crash. This behavior can only be remedied by removing all instances of Vital. In addition, Vital will instantly crash when trying to close the plugin within the DAW. I know there are some that feel Vital works no problem on FL studio, what I can say is that this is a brand new laptop and I have had these exact issues on both the old laptop and now the new. I have tried various fixes by installing different versions of vital, trying to use just the vst2 or vst3 and fiddling with graphics settings, all to no avail. At this point the use of this synth has become a big liability (trying to even delete instances is an instant crash) I have had no such issues with any other VST instrument in FL and these issues are the same across 2 different systems. I appreciate the work you guys have done with this synth and it sounds incredible, but I cannot use it, and I wanted to share why

For balance I don’t “feel” Vital works in FL Studio it just does work here on two different systems. If it’s not working for you on multiple systems then that points to a settings issue (I used to do some tech support for FL Studio).

There are so many possible combinations of audio devices, video devices and drivers, operating system versions, latency settings etc etc there are many possible causes.

Have you taken my advice and brought the issue up on the Image-Line FL Studio forums? Just because other plugins work fine it doesn’t mean a DAW can’t have issues with a particular plugin on some systems. Seeking help from both the DAW developer and the plugin developer can only better help you find a solution. There is a reason why you’re reporting this issue and others are not. It’s just a matter of going through possible causes until that reason is found.

For example have you tried “Use Fixed Size Buffers” ? Either way “It crashes” isn’t going to help anyone. You need to provide more information if you ever hope to find a solution.

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Does Vital stop crashing if you logout and select ‘work offline’?
I think some people are seeing hangs/crashes with certain internet/firewall settings but I’m not sure what the cause is yet.

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Yes, I have reported these issues and my experience to FL tech support

Thanks Matt, this really and truly seemed to have fixed the issue!!! Time will tell but so far after re-installing and selecting work offline, Vital is running smoothly with no crashes as of yet

so far this seems to have been the fix, logging out and working offline. I’d like to note that i’m for the most part tunneling my internet connection through a VPN which might be related

At my side, FL Studio does crash when I tried to block it with firewall then fire up Vital logged in.
It felt like whenever Vital tries to check for the server at booting process it crash and taking FL Studio with it. Although if Vital was in offline mode at the first place it does not do that problem.

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