Vital is crashing everytime I press a midi key to play a note

Hello, I haven’t found anyone else experiencing this problem in about an hour of research. Any information would help…

I just got Vital and have been experimenting with it, everything was working perfectly fine until I accidentally right clicked on 2D on bottom left on the wavetable and selected Learn MIDI assignment . Right after that the program has been crashing every single time I press any midi key, either on my midi controller or on the midi keyboard option on the computer. It crashes Ableton right away.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Right click it again and press “Clear MIDI Assignment”

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Is there a way to clear all midi assignments. The one I clicked on isn’t there anymore, I also reinstalled vital and Ableton. Still have the same issue

If you clear the .config file in C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Application Data\vital it should clear all midi assignments