Vital is absolutely brilliant given that it's free, it's really impressive

If I was an investor in digital software, I’d put money in vital, it’s got a lot of potential to be not just powerful but ultra powerful.

The UI is great.

It’s easy to understand relative to how powerful it is.

Everything can be modulated basically.

You can create amazing stereo width using stereo mod.

Being able to resynthesise the sounds to WT audio file from within the plugin with ease is amazing.

I absolutely wish vital was paid, because I’d pay a lot of money for an advanced ultra version of vital.

Sadly vital just doesn’t quite have the power and efficiency it needs to make it absolutely win in the WT synth category, but with a little work I can say it would definitely be up as the best publicly available synth out there at least top 3.

It’s disappointing to me that the best synth out there just has so little man-power and investment behind it and financial incentive to really be upgraded.


I recently bought serum because i am collabing with someone that only use serum. I do like some of the fx in serum, but i find working in vital just better overall. Mod matrix of vital is a breeze, whereas serum becomes clunky even.

Wavetable editor of serum is technically more advanced, but if the wavetable editor in vital got even more features, it would be much much better than almost every other wavetable editor out there, simply because of its timeline makes it a breeze to make tables with