Vital instantly crashes FL studio when trying to minimize or close

When using the vst2 version of vital, it generally worked ok but would crash FL studio when I tried to close it while using certain audio drivers. In particular, an ssl audio driver. It didn’t happen with asio4all. A few days ago, I installed the vst3 version in addition to the vst2 which was already installed. After this, Vital instantly freezes and crashes FL studio when you try to close or minimize the window. I tried uninstalling Vital and re-installing only the vst2 and also tried older versions but it still exhibits the crashing behavior. I also re-installed the latest version of my DAW. right now there is no version of Vital that can be run on my system without immediately crashing my daw when trying to close or minimize it, while it was working ok with asio4all (but not every audio driver) before I installed the vst3

Have you tried using FL Studio ASIO? Did you re-scan your plugins after doing the reinstall? Make sure you don’t have “Combine VST and VST3 versions of a plugin” selected in FL Studio’s Plugin Manager. Make sure that you don’t have different versions of Vital installed for the VST2 and VST3.

Vital works fine here on two systems, one running FL Studio ASIO and one running Focusrite ASIO drivers.

Yes, i’m using FLasio, I also tried uninstalling then reinstalling various versions while unselecting combine vst2 and 3 in manage plugins and rescanned everything. The problem is unfortunately still there

Are you sure you have version 1.0.8 of both the VST2 and VST3 versions? The only thing I can think of is there might be a version conflict. Other than that you might want to bring this up at the Image-Line forums to see if they can help.

To follow up, I purchased a new laptop with better overall specs. However, there is no Nvidia, Its just an integrated AMD radeon graphics. Installing everything clean on this new laptop vital was working fine for about a week. Now its the exact same thing, you cannot close an instance of Vital without instant freezing/crashing

for those of you on FL studio, i’ve discovered some strange behavior. When using FLasio, when you max the audio buffer size to 2048, this is when Vital starts crashing (this happens on both my laptops) If you now decrease the buffer size to 512 for example, close FL and re-open it, the instant crashing issue is reset and Vital wont’ crash. This issue seems to be more with Vital than FL studio because none of my other VST instruments have any issue or interaction with the audio buffer setting