Vital inside Patcher visual glitch

Note: I’m not using a graphics card which has resulted in similar glitches appearing in other programs/plugins. Everything I’m doing is running on my CPU’s integrated graphics.

Not exactly sure if this is a patcher issue or an issue with vital (or my cpu for that matter), but it’s a problem nonetheless that I’m not educated enough to know how to fix. :sweat_smile: Vital works fine loaded outside of patcher, so I’m not getting this freeze anywhere else. Other plugins like Kontakt or Ample Sound’s stuff opens in patcher just fine. So it’s only happening with vital. I cant click anywhere while the plugin behaves like this, so force quitting is the only way to stop this behaviour.

I’m running FL Studio 20.7.3 [build 1987] and Vital version 1.0.3, If the CPU is important as well: Intel i7-7700K 4.20GHz

The video bellow shows how the glitch looks. Not getting the wrapper settings/the frame around the plugin and the interface is freaking out. If anybody has any workarounds please let me know! Thank you!