Vital hijacking my Undo and automation in Ableton (sending phantom paramter modulation to DAW?)

Vital is hijacking my automation / undo in Ableton, I can not use Ableton’s Undo when using vital because the last thing is always “Modulation 14 Stereo” which is from vital. The actual thing I was last doing can’t be undone.

Also when trying to create automation for a parameter on anything Ableton quickly switches away trying to switch to this Modulation 14 Stereo. Automation is very hard to do.

My favorite patches that I’ve spent so much time making in Vital are making producing an incredible pain!

Please help.

I’m on vital 1.5.5

Did you (accidentally) "Learn MIDI assignment " to the stereo modulator ? Or the modulator modulating the stereo modulator ?

If you are talking about the midi button in the top right of Ableton next to the cpu meter, when I click that I see no midi mappings.

Idk what instance of vital it is? But this happens inside many different projects for me.


Right click a modulator or a knob :


This seems like there might be a random midi assignment causing this.
Does it still not allow you to undo in Ableton with the plug in closed? Or only when the plug in is open?

The issue happens with or without the plug-in window open. I of course notice it the most with it closed. The issue discontinues if I freeze the track with vital.

I searched through the vital instances and I’m unsure where to look for this midi assignment within the plug-in. I never use that feature purposefully. I can see when I purposefully do it a green node shows on the center of a knob however nothing shows up in the mod matrix which is sorta of junky in my opinion. I do not see this node on the instances unless I missed one.

When I use vital I make racks with many layers of vital for trying out ideas.

Thanks for the help everyone. If you have any methods for tracking down the problem let me know.

Can midi modulation be saved with a preset?? I wonder if that is how this is getting passed down to child presets?

Idk or it’s actually a bug.

One other noteworthy thing is that maybe this only happens on projects that have crashed and been recovered. Maybe… don’t place too much importance on that but for sure it seems to happen on bigger projects where they have all crashed at least once. Probably coincidental. But thought I’d mention that.

Another question I have that could help: what is “Modulation 14 Stereo”? That would probably help me more than anything know what control that refers to. Because it is always Modulation 14 Stereo in Ableton on the undo menu. ‘(Or the automation lane)

Stereo is a modulation “source” in Vital; if you drag it to any parameter, you can offset the value of that parameter between left and right channels. It’s not user accessible (you control its mapping only, you can’t actually change its “value”), I don’t know why it would show in the undo history at all.