Vital GUI Crashing Whenever Closed/Minimised (Fl studio, Linux)

I recently managed to get Vital working as a vst in Fl studio, and it seems to perform almost flawlessly, with only a little bit of flickering when moved. However, when attempting to close or minimize the plugin, Fl studio presents the following error:

Vital will then refuse to load beyond that. Interestingly enough, it still makes sound and accepts midi, it just won’t load the GUI. I have to restart Fl studio to do that.

One thing to note is that I manually installed vital using dll files from my old PC, as Fl would not recognize the .so files from the .zip install file when i tried to move them over.

Im using the latest Vital version, same problem with Vst2 and Vst3. Fl 64 bit, running through wine/Lutris. All other features of FL work fine.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Unfortunately I have no plans to support using Vital through wine

Damn. Do you know how i can install it as a vst in Fl studio? Im not sure i did it right, and i can’t find anything on the subject anywhere else.

Aaaaaaaand naturally i fixed the issue just after posting this. For anyone who has this issue running FL through lutris, just install wine 6.17 staging on your PC, then change the Wine version lutris uses to system default. Still getting the flickering, but the plugin otherwise works flawlessly.