Vital going forward

Now that we’ve been using and gotten to know this wonderful synth for a while, what things would you like to see changed up a bit. Niggles, workflow, new features etc. Not a put down of what Matt has created but more of a brainstorming session of new ideas going forward per say V2. Very interested to see what ideas pop up.

my list.

  1. flexible effects routing (4 lanes ala Phase plant)
  2. better sampler ie loop points and xfades (may be add 1 more)
  3. free ENV1 and add global AMP ENV at end of chain
  4. per voice saturation effect.

For me number 2.


Definetly number 3 for me… Free ENV 1. Thanks

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My NUMBER ONE request would be an fx block that can host a VST. And having 8 macros that i can bind. Imagine bringing in your fav fx for the best personalized patch.

Super cool if it also had a wet/dry “input/send” for delay throws. I mean you want Phase Plant fx lanes, just drop in Multi Pass…


Would like that as well (why not per voice vst FX) but all this would mess up preset sharing, there is something to be said for a unified prest system, not all people have same inventory of vst fx. Can always add fav vst fx via daw. But definitely more macros.

I think that Matt would need to rebuild the fx engine framework for Number 1, and at that point it would just be worth creating another plugin. A lot of presets would get messed up too.

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Well, the point I was making was to do “personalized” patches, ie my own, so NOT really meant for sharing. But if you plan to share, then just check with your colab partner of they have the same VST. Not that hard to do.

And no, you cannot do this in a DAW, because inside Vital you can modulate the 8 macros from the envelopes in your patch.

How would you use a Vital envelop to modulate a fx knob in your DAW? You can’t…

Your assuming that stock vst effects are actually automatable via Vitals Macros, ENVs and Lfos. is that actually the case?

my biggest thing I want to see, is an inbuilt arpeggiator, as trying to write lazy arpeggios (outside of piano rolls in daws)