Vital goes blank suddenly

Hey there,

For some reason after opening a few vitals it starts to look like this…

Help pls

Does that happen with only one Vital gui open? Anything unusual in GPU load? How many Vitals? What’s your GPU? Driver version? Has happened before? Updates on drivers or other changes in your system?

You gotta give more information on the preconditions and circumstances where this happens for any useful discussion.

I think theres been a few new bugs since FL Studio and Bitwig updated to new versions unfortunately

It happens after I’ve opened a few Vitals. Nothing unusual happening with my GTX 3060 (drivers up to date)
This has happened before but I was able to open up to 8 vitals but now it’s usually max 3.

Just continue adding Vitals and don’t open more the 3 at a time.

Wow do I feel stupid, closing them before opening a new one actually worked. Thank you sir!

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