Vital FX stack?

It doesn’t really matter which effect I might pick in vital. they all sound super top notch, no fx is left behind in terms of quality. however I often feel like I would need just ‘a little bit more processing’ done at the end of a chain.

so having the ability to merge all current fx into an effects stack, then add another one which would let me use all the fx yet again would be so awesome.

technically then you could have up to something crazy like 9 stacks of effects, even for simple things like having 9 EQs only active.

The idea is that these stacks would behave similar to the current effects, you could just click a button to group them, and now you can add another one. anyone following the idea?

Great idea and I recommend playing with the “Resynthesize patch to Wavetable” aspect as a work around to get that extra processing in Vital

I use that all the time for beefing up a sound, but it doesnt seem to handle effects all that well, usually get a very destroyed sound if i dare to resynthesize with reverb/chorus activated.

That’s true the chorus and reverb don’t “freeze well” into a wavetable I try to avoid as well.