Vital Freezing Ableton 11.0.6

Vital keeps freezing my Ableton when I try and open it, I love this synth so much but its become impossible to use, it keeps freezing my Ableton. Would love a update or something to fix this, can imagine I’m the only one dealing with this.

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This happens me all the time!
Ableton 11.0.6, MacOS 10.15.7 and Vital 1.07.

Current version of Vital is un-usable in my setup. It might work for sometime, but it might freeze ableton right when loaded. But at somepoint it will stop working, Standalone works just fine so it is Ableton-Vital combo that does not work.

Most annoying is that my plugin is offline as the online version will crash at stratup. But even the offline version is very, very unsatble.

When the 1.08 is coming for mac?

Yeah man so annoying, it’s definitely the Ableton-Vital interface cause it works fine stand alone. But yeah it’s gotten to the point were vital is pretty much useless witch sucks cause I love this synth. Would love for an update soon.

Since there is no word from the developer will Vital ever be fixed so it would work on Ableton i will stop my support subscription. Why would i pay for something that does not even work properly.

I’m no expert in Mac, but may I ask which plugins format did you guy run with Ableton on Mac (VST2, VST3 or AU)? Trying various format may help, as I also faced the same problem on Linux when LV2 format of Vital straight up didn’t start, but VST2 and VST3 work fine

Still crashing and freezing Ableton all the time :frowning: Useless VSTi for us mac ableton users.

New Vital crash feature: I just need to add Vital to track and ableton freezes.

I recently started having problems for the first time with Vital. Using Vital 1.0.7 with Ableton Live 11.0.12 on an M1 MBP (13" original M1)

The problem was that I would try to open the Vital UI from Ableton, and I would get the spinning beach ball. I was never able to regain control of the application – I had to Force Quit.

I have never seen problems like this in my year of using Vital. It just started yesterday.

I tried opening the standalone Vital – it loaded fine. Then I tried opening a blank project in Ableton and loading Vital – that worked fine, too. After doing this, I went back to the problematic project and tried to open Vital – it worked now (after at least 6 attempts with this project, which involved Force Quitting Live, restarting, loading the project. I even had tried rebooting the MBP.

I have no idea why it might have helped to open the UI in another project, but that seemed to do the trick.

Gonna reply to my own post. The fix was not permanent. I later opened a project, tried to open Vital, and got the spinning beach ball of doom.

I’m not sure what is going on here, but if there’s some way I can collect diagnostics to help Matt figure this out, I’ll be happy to. But this is going to be a real problem going forward. Any time I click the little Ableton “wrench” button, it’s a potential land mine that will derail my work.

Can you try logging out and working offline and see if that fixes the freezing? I have a couple fixes coming in the next version that will help there.
If not let me know and I’ll take a closer look

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I think that might have been it. I opened the standalone Vital, logged out, chose “work offline”, closed standalone, opened Live, opened the project that was giving me problems, and I was able to open one of the Vitals in the track with no problems.

It is strange that being logged in caused problems on a full project, but not on a brand new project where I added one instance of Vital. And somehow, opening the Vital UI on the brand new project allowed me to open Vital on the problematic project (as long as I didn’t close Ableton Live).

Good luck fixing this! LMK if you want me to try some scenarios for you.

The logout and work-offline method didn’t do the trick for me… Vital keeps stuttering with Ableton Live 11.0.12. Works flawlessly on Live 10… Any updates expected to resolve that? Thanks for a great synth!!