Vital freezes REAPER when loading the plugin on Arch Linux

Every time I try to load Vital in REAPER on Arch Linux, the interface becomes unresponsive.

I’m using Vital 1.0.7 from the AUR package:

The same thing happens on Linux Mint 20.1 XFCE Edition from the .deb package.

UPDATE: I tried Vital 1.0.8 on the same Arch system, and it now works great with REAPER!

Thank you, Tytel!

Where do i get version 1.0.8? 1.0.7 is the latest on the website.

Here -

Ah thx… somehow is missed the “All downloads” link.

In my case Reaper still crashes when I try to load more than 1 instance of Vital. I’m using debian bullseye, nvidia priopretary driver and KDE Plasma.