Vital freezes FL 64 interface

Anyone else having this issue? In 32 bit, it works fine but 64 bit, I can control the pluging with my midi but Nothing else in FL works

No Vital works fine in FL Studio 20.7.3 and 20.8.0 64 bit on two different systems here.

What version of FL Studio are you using? What operating system? Are you using the VST 2 or VST 3 version?

I’m seeing a lot of people report issues with Vital in FL Studio but I’m not experiencing the same issues. Like I said it’s working fine here. I would suggest for the time being using the VST 2 version.

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32 bit? You are loading a 32 bit bridged into fls?
Can you try a 64bit vst 2 or 3 bridged? And check if that works for you as well?

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Does Vital even have a 32 Bit version ?

If you’re talking to me no I don’t use 32 bit software. Plugins or DAWs

The latest version of Vital 64 bit VST 2 or 3 works fine in the latest version of FL Studio 64 bit here.

I can’t say if the 64 bit will work in 32 bit FL Studio because why would you even try that ?

I can’t say if Vital will work in old versions of FL Studio but I can say lifetime updates are free…for registered users.

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No…asked the OP :wink:

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Thanks everyone. I dug in the issue and was able to fix it. Looks like vst3 version was causing it. FL 20.7.3 build 1987 is the FL version on windows 10 version 2004. I do have both 32 and 64 bit version of FL installed to test in rare cases like this one. But yes 64 bit is primary.

so…did you try to use fls 64bit with a bridged vital instance (vst2 and/or vst3)?

Vital doesn’t have a 32 bit version so no need to or way to bridge it in FL Studio 64 Bit.


64 bit plugins can be bridged as well. Just wanted to know if a bridged instance of Vital works properly in FLS 64 bit. Bridging can change the behavior of plugins.

How would you bridge a 64 bit plugin in 64 Bit FL Studio? Any Bit Bridge simply adds another layer of complexity. There is no performance advantage in using a Bit Bridge. Which is why I never do.

How? Just press: ‘make bridged’.
And i didn’t ask him to try it because of performance. I asked him because bridging can change the behavior of plugins. Just wanted to know if bridging works or not. Troubleshooting.

Also. Bridging can help performance of the FLS UI. When a plugin is running let’s say 35 FPS, when it isn’t bridged, FLS will run @ 35FPS as well. Bridging that plugin ensures that the UI of FLS runs at the proper FPS (70 in my case).

From the FL Studio Knowledge Base:

(The Bit Bridge) " is code that allows 32 and 64 Bit applications to share data. There is about 2% CPU hit per plugin when bridging

“We recommend using 32 Bit plugins in FL Studio 32 Bit and 64 Bit plugins in FL Studio 64 Bit, where possible. Bridging introduces an additional layer of processing and so a small CPU overhead (approx 1-2% per plugin). It can also decrease stability for some plugins”.

You’re not really bridging a 64 bit plugin in FL Studio 64 bit you’re just bringing into play the bridge code.

If you need to bridge 64 bit plugins in FL Studio 64 bit then there is something wrong with your setup.

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Wow…you are really stubborn.

Take it from me; i don’t usually run 64 bit plugins bridged in FLS 64bit. That shouldn’t be necessary ofcourse. However, some plugins aren’t running that good. A good example is DrumComputer by Sugar Bytes. That thing runs at 15 to 35 FPS. I don’t want the UI of FLS to run @ 15 to 35 FPS. So i bridge it. Voila; DrumComputer is running in it’s own seperate proces @ 15 to 35 FPS and the FLS UI is running at a steady 70 FPS. Ofcourse i wrote to Sugar Bytes about this and asked if they can solve this behavior. But, untill then i am running it bridged. And no, nothing is wrong with my set up.

I think we can rest this subject.

Ok whatever. I’ve used FL Studio 64 Bit for somewhere around a decade with literally hundreds of third party plugins and I’ve never had to bridge a 64 bit plugin.

Anyway the OP has found the problem was the VST 3 version. So like I said a few posts back I’d advise everyone to use the VST 2 plugin for the time being.

Thanks again for you input. To clarify, I know that vital is only 64 bit. What I was trying to say is opening vital in FL 32 bit was fine, but opening it in the 64 bit FL was causing lock ups. Hope that make sense.

But eh! all ended well.

Couldn’t even click on anything. But it is all good now. Thanks again