Vital Freezes EVERY TIME I Search For Presets

Every time I open Vital and search for a preset in the search box, Vital freezes for like fifteen seconds and then starts working again. But then whenever I open another instance in the same project, it doesn’t do it anymore. Honestly, this is the only problem I have with Vital other than the CPU usage (but I expect that can’t be helped), but it’s getting annoying.

How many presets do you have?
Also make sure your oversampling is at 1x for better CPU load

i haven’t had that problem with presets, but my sample folder has a trillion files in it so if i’m not careful i will put Vital in limbo by adding the wrong sample directory.

Doesn’t Vital scan its preset database when loading the first instance after bootup? That would explain why the next instance doesn’t have the same issue.

If you have a ton of presets that may explain the 15 seconds. I rarely use search but will do next time I load Vital for the first time after bootup and see how long it takes. Right now it’s instant.

I didn’t know that it scanned on the first instance. And I do have a lot of presets (by myself and others). But I realized this problem might be because I hadn’t updated to the latest version of Vital in a while, so I did, and the problem stopped! :grin: Thanks, anyway! :+1:

How do I edit the oversampling settings?

On the Advanced Tab. Click on the setting you want.