Vital freezes Cubase10.5 Win10 upon launching

First Vital, upon launching, frooze Cubase while presenting its login screen asking my login details (that was frozen). yesterday i changed my pw in Vital

After a hard reset in windows task manager the second time Vital was launched it frooze Cubase again, now the Vital box was completely white.

I really hope i can use this magnificient synth again.

after a hard restart from zero and upon opening another project with vital used, vital played when when i launched the gui it was all white and while the loop continues to play Cubase is frozen

but stuck now, yesyerday i made tons of presets in vital cant wait to continue

please let me know if a complete reinstall or anything else is needed

You can downgrade at

Will have to take a look

Thank you for your super fast response, i will downgrade and report here

It worked but…

I was originally using 1.0.4, first upgraded to 1.0.5 this caused the same problem.
when i installed 1.0.3 it worked again

Thank you so much!!

the but… offcourse… error messages: this preset was created with a newer version message
i can live with that for now, hopefully in the near future an update fixed everything and i can use the presets i created in 1.0.4 again.