Vital freezes after a while under renoise

Hey there,

I am using renoise as a host, nvidia proprietary drivers under ubuntu 20.10
OpenGL version string: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 460.32.03
Vital 1.0.5 VST3

While using Vital, after opening/closing the VST GUI many times if I open the GUI the window becomes black or has frozen widgets. I can’t click on anything else inside renoise.

To be able to use it I have to force quit the vital window that terminates also renoise

If I don’t open the Vital GUI looks like everything is going smooth


PS: it happened once that vital warned me in the GUI that I did not have the correct opengl drivers, I closed and reopened it and everything was fine (for a bit)

The same happens with Vital 1.0.7

Thanks for the report, looking into it.

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Hello, any updates on this one? thanks :slight_smile: