Vital forgets the preset when I reopen the DAW

First of all I’ll say this is one of the most amazing softsynths I’ve ever seen.
But there’s this annoying bug in the VST that often will push me to use other synths instead:
whenever I close the DAW and reopen it, Vital loads the preset incorrectly, often with major changes, and I have to go to the preset browser to reload it. No MIDI automation or CC messages in the track. I’ve seen with other bug reports that for most people it’s just the name, but in this case the name stays but the preset doesn’t, that is, values will be wrong: env curves, number of voices, detuning range, waveshapes, etc… Also, same problem with Helm and Vitalium.

This is happening both in Reaper and Ardour, in Manjaro Linux. Vital Version should be latest since it comes from the AUR.

The version should be the latest, but make sure it is by clicking the vital logo on the top left corner.

1.0.8, but I think this has been going on for long. Vitalium in 1.0.6, same behavior.

Im not 100% sure what would be happening then, you can always save vst presets directly into Reaper, but I’m not sure for other DAWs.

Also, what format are you using? vst, vst3, LV2? Try installing and using some other formats.

It seems your intuition was right and it was an lv2 issue:

Tried the VST and the issue disappears. Now time to rearrange manually all my tracks to the VST version.

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