Vital filter cutoff problem

I use the latest version of studio one 5. When I stack 2 or more layers of VITAL, one or two of them just barely has sound. I checked it, it is because it somehow turned my filter cutoff all the way down. I can fix it by just dragging it up again, but it’s annoying and it will just go right down after I do some other things. I love Vital. I use it all the time. But after yesterday’s windows update, it started having these issues. I don’t know if it’s related or not. But I hope there’s a way to fix it.


Try this…Right click on the Cutoff Slider and select Clear Midi Assignment.


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That works! thanks so much. sorry for the noob question.

No problem, my pleasure. Not a noob question at all and in fact I’ve seen so many such posts that I’m beginning to wonder if Vital is somehow creating MIDI assignments on its own.

Do you remember doing a MIDI Learn for the Cutoff ?

I don’t remember doing that.

I think people right click and then might do some shortcut that accidentally selects MIDI learn. I’m going to put some color or something on the controls when there’s active MIDI learn in a future update.