Vital exe gui probs and win 8.1

Hi, I have been following vital for a while. Have downloaded previous free version but couldn’t get it to work. I downloaded version 1.5.5 last few days and got the gui problem which shut it down. Ok I run win 8.1, i7 processor, 8gb ram run loads of vsts from independent providers vsts as well as NI, korg, arturia etc., On cubase artist 6, no problems.
So, I have found a website where I can download vital 1.0.8 which I will do but this whole text to wavetable functionality may, for me, be a game changer as I also write poetry and want to get that into my music.
Therefore, my question is, given that tests with 1.0.8 are satisfactory, if I buy the whole package is it even gonna work on win 8.1 or will it simply update my 1.0.8 version. Great piece of kit by the way and also lastly I did have issues with helm as I love formant synthesis. Oh I will be 68 next month and would rather spend my time on creativity not win 10 or 11. thanks

Vital 1.5.x only supports win 11 and maybe 10. Older versions, 1.0.x, support win 8 if I remember correctly.

Buying vital doesn’t change the program, but gets you some perks like more presets more text to wave table and support. So if you purchase vital you can run what ever version you want.

A few months back I upgraded a laptop from win 8 to win 11 (or 10? Can’t remember) for free. It was done via the regular windows update, so nothing special other than googling how to do it. You might think about doing that to get the lastest functions of vital.

Thanks Derrek, that is v helpful I will proceed to download 1.0.8 ,test and then get full version. As said I will be 68 in August and after 25 years in IT I want creativity not technology also have just got JD 08 today so that is another learning curve. Therefore, upgrading to win 10 is not appealing, especially as I tried it on my rain livebook win 7 and ran into all kinds of xxxx. But your info about versions is invaluable
Best of luck

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